Congratulations to Deanna Neff... Winner of the First Annual     Randi & Tracy Real Estate Team Scholarship! 

All of the Montville Township scholarship recipients deserve a round of applause! The Randi and Tracy Real Estate team is so happy to be giving our first scholarship to this year's recipient. The topic was to write a short essay about why they loved living in Montville. Deanna's essay stood out because she listed specific places in Montville and what each place meant to her; Howard's, Joe's, the dog park, and the turf fields. Deanna understood the assignment – and possibly did not use ChatGPT! (Yes, kids, we know.) 

Deanna's Essay ~ Why I Love Living in Montville

Montville's population as of 2024 is at about 22,000 citizens, yet it feels like one big family.  Every time I turn my head, I see a familiar face that make me feel safe and welcomed.  For example, walking into Howard's Bagels every Saturday morning, I am greeted by the friendly workers gladly willing to take my simple bagel order, a poppyseed toasted with butter.  Whether it is walking in the park, playing on the turf fields, or picking up pizza from Joes, I will always see someone know or even meet someone new, which is one of the many things that I love about Montville.

Our sports teams are active on the fields of Montville Township High School and the recreational center every day which is also a highlight of our town.  Some of my true best friends are from the athletics I am given the opportunity to take part in, which I will forever be grateful for.  Another excellent aspect of Montville athletics is the teachers at the schools, who are involved in coaching our sports teams.  This truly shows how much they care about us students and strive to see us succeed in every way possible. 

Our town is also known for being extremely inclusive no matter the backgrounds or hardships of any of the citizens.  Our local police department comes in and out of the schools, giving presentations on safety, wellbeing, and engaged in serving and protecting our community.  To add on, Montville is a town where anyone can easily ride their bike, go on walks, or even play on the playground without feeling unsafe, since our police force is always present throughout neighborhoods. 

I enjoy paying attention to the little things of the town, especially the landscape and beauty from the hard work of residents here.  Driving down Changebridge Road, I typically pass the Montville Dog Park where my departed dog used to play, and I enjoy watching the other dogs getting the space to run free and enjoy their lives just as we do.  Montville is a close-knit town where bonds are forged through shared experiences and genuine compassion for one another.  Montville will always hold a special place in my heart, and as I leave my remarkable community, I hope to return to the same safe haven home I have here. 

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